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Discover Intelligent Mobile Prospecting

Take lead generation in a new direction with Cole Home IQ. The mobile app streamlines the task of finding new customers by providing consumer intel directly from the curb. In other words, you become a proactive prospector while driving from one appointment to the next.

Actionable information to:

On-the-Go Prospecting

Cole Home IQ moves beyond access to the homeowner’s basic information like their name, address and phone number. Rather, you’ll get additional intel including length of residence, purchase amount, square footage, birth dates of the head of household and more!

Harness the Power

Cole Home IQ works by harnessing GPS technology then matching it up to our industry leading, national residential database of 130 million consumers.

Seamless Integration

Plus, the app's seamless integration with your PC gives you the ability to continue your marketing efforts when you're back at the office. All this for $49.95/month with no contract.

Welcome to intelligent mobile prospecting with Cole Home IQ.


COLE HOME IQ $49.95/month

for a single user agent with no long-term commitment.*

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